Time comes and goes. Time comes and goes.
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Thread: Time comes and goes.

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    Lee Guest

    Default Time comes and goes.

    time comes and goes
    but family is forever.

    my time has come and gone
    but my family i'll never trust again.

    when my true family is out their
    wating for me to come home.

    my heart is cold
    but my mind is open.

    love is their
    but not forsaken.

    i come to you with love to give
    but you trun me away.

    all i hear is lies
    my heart is breaking.

    i thought you were mine
    but i must have been mistaken.

    you walked away with a smile on you face
    while i sit here with tears on mine.

    i'll get you back one day
    you'll never know it's comeing.

    then i'll be laughing
    while you lay dieing.
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    Lee Guest


    Thank you my Mrs. Peel

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    Lee Guest


    I have tryed but i was told that my poems are to dark.

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    Lee Guest


    i thank you again Mrs. Peel. you have blown me away with your insite..

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    Lee Guest


    Thank you Mrs. Peel

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    Astral Eye Guest


    I like your poems

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    Lee Guest


    thank you astral eye

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    Astral Eye Guest


    your welcome

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