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Thread: This world is meant for the living

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    none of the above makes any sense at all. Lothfavnir, if you believe you are being haunted go buy some white sage, sometimes a sentence like "the world is meant for the living" can work "or give into the light" is another one. But dont be afraid of spirits we dont know what truly happens after death, no one does.

    All others in thread, sitting on the fence about everything would be a curse for me, the reason I practice magick and study the occult is to find spiritual truth. Whats happens if this is actually happening and the haunting is real are you going to refuse this at face value. Whether or not it is makes no difference, helping someone deal with this situation helps them. Feeding our own egos does not.

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    Scrutiny does not bother me in the slightest, lol.
    If one starts a stupid topic on the internet they need to expect varied responses, so to speak.
    If one does have a problem with haunting there are better ways to convey this than how the OP presented it, I'd be more than happy to offer perspective or advice when needed, but I will not go "that ish is deep like woah" if one presents it in such a arrogant and ignorant way.

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