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Grand Conjuration of the Green Devils and Their Legions on Earth Known Hereafter as "Purple Slugs"(P.S.)

Historic Background Material:

When I was about 12 years old, my best friend and I were sleeping out in the yard in sleeping bags and watching UFOs in the stars (satellites etc.) As the night progressed we became more deranged and kept making up crazy fantasies to keep ourselves occupied between sightings.

We began by changing the natural names of colors, referring to the "red sky" the orange grass and the blue sun.

Around 4:00 AM we started talking about "Purple Slugs".

Within a few weeks we had developed an entire cosmogony around these wonderful little creatures.

The mythology was rather unique to us at the time, but I realize now that they were probably just another form of Goetia. Under our "laws" PS (purple slugs) could be conjured to appear at will. We were the sole "Masters" of these P.S. legions.

The slugs themselves were small, no more between one or two inches long. They weren't actually pure purple, they were really more Ultra Violet in appearance, which was only for the chosen few anyway. The Purple Slugs followed certain immutable laws, i.e: they hung out around metal, particularly man-hole covers (at that time manhole covers had a P.S. stamp on them making it rather obvious). They could easily jump from manhole covers onto passing cars and then onto planes ships in order to travel to various locations).

Their domain extended over the entire planet and possibly beyond. They were capable of carrying out curses (one of their specialties) as well as cause beneficial things to happen at our express command. The first person I ever cursed "hard-core" with the slugs was about three years later. He wrecked his car and lost his girlfriend that weekend, and came back to me in tears demanding I lift the curse, which I promptly did. After all, it was just a simple experiment with no hard feelings attached from my end.

Aside from ourselves ( the two masters of P.S.), in our cosmogony, the infinite legions of P.S. were only subservient to four other "praeterhuman intelligences" known as "GREEN DEVILS". These little Devils were around 9 inches tall and basically each one controlled one of the four directions. They were bright green, tough, leathery little Devils, with small green horns protruding from their heads.

These devils were real rascals, and each controlled his own legions of P.S. from different corners of the universe. The GDs (Green Devils) were not limited to Earth, and could fly through the galaxies at will.

I actually empowered these little critters with quite an investment of belief. After all, they seemed more likely that the other bullshit that we were being taught in school and church circa 1965.

For the safety and enjoyment of the reader I have included several Conjurations of Purple Slug Legions, as originally taught to me by Green Devils and their agents here on earth, most of whom are now deceased:

Important Facts:

Slugs are usually considered to be slimy creatures of the genus Limax. Also known as Pulmonate Gastropods. They basically look like Snails without shells. I have seen slugs nearly a foot long with leopard type markings roaming around the Pacific Northwest Rainforests. They are particularly known for looking slimy , although they are actually slightly sticky to the touch. They are also known for their slimy trails they leave behind. Slugs can reportedly climb over razorblades but riding on top of their slimy secretion. They also "melt" if you pour salt on them.

But forget all that stuff.

Purple slugs seldom reach lengths of more than one and a half inches and never longer than two. Their "purple" color would be better described as Ultra-Violet, reflecting what Kenneth Grant refers to as the "Mauve Zone".

And P.S. are only as slow as the vehicle they co-opt for transportation.

PSs, while being invisible to the naked eye, are easily detectable with a blacklight. The easiest way to find them is to find a huge piece of metal, like a manhole cover or sewer grate.

While always attached to metal of some kind, PSs can easily jump from one piece of metal to another, for distances up to several feet. This makes it possible for PSs to detach from a sewer grating, attach to a passing automobile, go to the airport, attach to a metal suitcase or luggage cart, get on a plane, and be anywhere on earth in a matter of hours. This is one of the main advantages to the use of PSs as sub-servitors. While not as fast or powerful as the "Green Devil", PSs are able to self-replicate exponentially, usually getting the job done within a few days, anywhere on the planet.

The first step in mastering these legions of sub-servitors, is to harness the reigns of the Green Devils. Green devils cannot actually be mastered or controlled by humans. While there are only four GDs in the known universe, obtaining their services can be a little tricky. Each powerful "Devil" is capable of controlling vast sub-directories or legions of PSs. To obtain the cooperation of the GDs, one must first perform an evocation for their visible appearance.

Unlike PSs, Green Devils contain so much "archetypal" information that obtaining visible appearance is usually not too difficult.

Imagine a portal opening up in front of you, leading to the "celestial starry realms" sparkling like exploding emerald fire, Green Devils will appear as soon as you "visualize" them. They are roughly eight or nine inches tall, fluorescent green, and have two stubby little one inch horns protruding from their heads. Their bodies are leathery and so tough as to be impenetrable by anything in the universe. Their archetypical resonance is so powerful that simply visualizing their described form will usually bring about a visible appearance.

Once a Green Devil has appeared to you, you must petition it with small sacrifice in order to obtain service.

Usually a pledge to "be kind to slugs on earth", and "never pour salt on them" will suffice. Remember, these are no "fetish items". These little "Devils" actually "exist", as primal archetypes capable of unleashing tremendous destructive forces, and contain the combined power of all the PSs themselves. The Devils are far too busy making mischief to carry out Earthly missions. That's where the PSs come in.

While Purple Slugs are primarily limited to metal, they can be sent by "Snail" mail simple by applying their sigil which is: (as you might have already suspected), "P.S."

This also works with E- mail.

Purple slugs exist virtually everywhere, hence one letter with a "P.S." at the bottom of the page can be used to summon the replication of many more slugs. While PSs are a non-local phenomena, once the Green Devils have been petitioned, P.S. legions can be activated and called into service within seconds, allowing the operator to extend his will to any location on Earth that receives mail or has metal. That's almost everywhere.

*P.S. Also represents : *POWER SIGIL, which can easily be customized for E-mail via "subatomic neural sorcery" techniques as outlined in "Liber Digitalis".

The Ritual Concerning Statement Of Intent:

A declaration of will may be necessary to reinvest belief and empower the Purple Slug Legions to active duty, in order to reconcile the world and hasten the Pandemonaeon (Immanentization of the Virtual Eschaton) and to release the GDs from their state of suspended animation, allowing them once again to roam the universe looking for opportunities for fun and mischief.

"It is my will to evoke the GREEN DEVILS to visible appearance in order to request the obedience and servitude of legions and legions of Purple Slugs".

When the Green Devils appear, determine the direction that your magick is going to be directed to. If you want your sigil to manifest non locally, then all four Devils will need to be summoned as follows:

Facing the East:

Visualize the "G.D." sigil and speak forth loudly into the Void with a vibrant voice:
"Flashing Green and Emerald bright,
Green Devil of the East come hither forthright.
Come Forth! Come Forth!
I bind and conjure ye in the name of the "Crimson Sky"".
Arise! Appear! Come Forth! Come Forth!

Facing the North:

Visualize the "G.D." sigil and speak forth loudly into the Void with a vibrant voice:
"Flashing Green and Emerald bright,
Green Devil of the North come hither forthright.
Come Forth! Come Forth!
I bind and conjure ye in the name of the "Turquoise Grass"".
Arise! Appear! Come Forth! Come Forth!

Facing the West:

Visualize the "G.D." sigil and speak forth loudly into the Void with a vibrant voice:
"Flashing Green and Emerald bright,
Green Devil of the West come hither forthright.
Come Forth! Come Forth!
I bind and conjure ye in the name of the "Emerald Sun"".
Arise! Appear! Come Forth! Come Forth!

Facing the South:

Visualize the "G.D." sigil and speak forth loudly into the Void with a vibrant voice:
"Flashing Green and Emerald bright,
Green Devil of the East come hither forthright.
Come Forth! Come Forth!
I bind and conjure ye in the name of the "Still Wind".
Arise! Appear! Come Forth! Come Forth!

At each station visualize the "Green Devils" darting around the universe, traveling faster than the speed of thought. If all four Devils do not appear at once, due not be overly alarmed. Try to keep them at bay with the following commands:

"O Great Green Devils
O wise and powerful Grand Viziers of the Outer Realms,
I hold thee in bondage with the sigil of "G.D."
I humbly beseech thy physical appearance in the spirit of a kinder and gentler attitude towards the physical manifestation of Gastropods on the Planet Earth".

By this time all four "Devils" will have certainly appeared.

Call forth in a loud voice:

"Thou shalt on this day bring call forth Legions upon Legions of Purple Slugs and make them become manifest before me at all times. I will in return promise NEVER to harm slugs or snails, or the environments they inhabit".

If nothing dramatic happens try this "stronger and more potent" conjuration.

"I humbly beseech the Most Excellent Green Devils to come forth from the Sparkling Emerald Palaces of the Universe.

In Rainbow-Fire and Spirit Mire

I conjure Ye to Come forth! Come forth!

Bring the Dreaded Hordes of Ultra-Violet Gastropods into visible appearance, so I may harness their powers to express my WILL upon the Earth.

In return for this, I solemnly swear NEVER to harm Slugs or Snails, and accept their presence on Earth as Truly Divine".

At this time the Devils will turn and depart.

Banish with hysterical laughter and crying simultaneously.

Important Note:

DO NOT attempt further conversation with the Green Devils themselves. You CANNOT petition the Green Devils into doing Earthly Missions. Even if you were successful the results would be catastrophic for the operator.

I've met these slugs. Just by thinking about them you summon them. I went on a walk, meditating on their existence, and arriving home I had a purple slug on my shoe. I hope I got him off of it gently enough the poor thing.

P.S. Now that you have been memetically infected by this, have fun.