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    I need to work on it a bit more, but I have a...

    I need to work on it a bit more, but I have a hunch it relates to a connection I have currently with someone.
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    Past Life Memories coming back.

    This is so interesting! I am working to resolve traumas with a therapist, and in the process unleashing the power of my mind. I always had a very keen memory and I've had flashbacks of being an...
  3. I think you have dormant energies that are coming...

    I think you have dormant energies that are coming up, but you're suppressing them out of fear. Perhaps, negative traumas or experiences are causing the disturbance and it is not due to magic, or...
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    Is it Paranormal or a Hallucination?

    Some people prescribe to the notion that religion and science do not mix. That is not the scope of my question, though I often have wondered on it.

    I've had a few experiences to prove that the...
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