Random philosophical thought I have been having recently.

What if we have royally pissed him off somehow?

In theosophy and various texts ( both left and right handed) which praise him... he has been said to be '' The Muse of Our Civilization'' and has taught us art, science, etc. He has also been said to have given us a mind, a soul, the ruler of our cosmos in the sense of being creator, preserver, and destroyer of everything within it.

Then Abrahamic religions emerge. Obedience to a higher power is suddenly the issue. The destruction of the self is glorified. Corpses are deified. Everything that constitutes existence... the cosmos itself.. is fallen and sinful.

Now he's an adversary and humanity has begun to die. What if the garden of eden story where Adam and Eve had death happen to them... because of ''sin'' actually happened because we could not appreciate the gift of having a soul of our own... a mind of our own? Thus our bodies degenerate... diseases are created.. plagues... humanity hates one another...

And let's take that a step further. What if a lot of our plagues and problems have occured because the gifts of the gods are depreciated? For example, what if a person spurns love and become a heartless person... and because he has a lack of love has no need for a romantic relationship... but he still wants sex. So what if this lack of love is punished by the wrath of Venus? That sexual diseases have come about because we have stopped loving love?

Not saying I believe in this. I like to believe that I am the ruler of my own life-experience... just food for thought.