Hi I need help getting started,i'm 13 and im new to satanism. ive done the "Dedicate your soul to satan" in which i write the
prayer and blood and burn the paper. i did all that, and nothing happened. I don't know how to meditate and can't study how to
because I dont have my own computer, i use my mom's, and my dad is usually on so i cant read when i want to. I want to build my
astral temple, but i don't know how to ask father satan to bless it, and i don't know how to do a ritual.
Earlier i found a guide on how to make an astral temple by a guy called "Szandor Marnach". I took 5 little stones and
put them in the north east west and south and then took 1 and put in the middle. i then put the 4 sticks in between them in
the northest southeast, etc., put the salt water on them, then I said the prayer. I then didnt know what to do and tried to build.
i dont know if i was supposed to feel like i was in the temple or what but I was just imagining the thing and when i opened my eyes i saw
the material world. This is a link to the guide: http://www.lulu.com/items/volume_66/...int/sstral.pdf
I tried to do summoning a few times
when i first discovered the joy of satan web site and tried to summon zepar, but since hes a god and I was new i didnt feel anything. Can someone help me,
come to me in a dream or something, communicate telepathicaly or in some way tell me how to create an astral temple? I don't understand
how to do it.. On the site it says that you can come to someone in a dream when they are sleeping and you are in your temple. So, can someone please
come to me at 3 or 4 AM eastern us time and tell me how to do it in a dream? please, i really need help and you can come to me tonight or the night
after that or any time this weekend.. please please help me i really want to be able to go in my astral temple and speak to demons. also if you have
any other information about summoning, astral temples or advice about anything Satanic i would like to know about it in the dream. And if you dont
have the time to come to me in a dream just send me an email my email adress is [email protected] and if u send me an email tell me EXACTLY
what you did when you made your astral temple. Also please tell me what are the most necesarry items to put in an astral temple, and tell me what
its like to be in an astral temple. I'm stuck and dont know what to do so please please respond to me. Also, is it possible to invite other satanists
to come in your astral temple?