I looked around online for a decent version of the rider-waite deck. Every deck I found was printed by "US Games", and received a lot of bad reviews. Common problems were:

- The words "US Games" printed on every card
- Blocky/pixelated images, as though scanned at low res on a flatbed scanner
- Images not centered on the cards

etc etc

It made me think, to hell with US Games, this deck was originally published by "Rider", hence the name. I decided to see if this publishing house was still around and order a copy of the original deck, direct from the source.

I have received the deck, and I am completely miffed. The box states that it is the original Rider Waite deck, and yet the cards inside match the description above, complete with "US Games" in the bottom right hand corner of every card!!

I take it US Games is a printer not a publisher?? Does anyone own a Rider Waite deck with out these problems?