I'm going on a bit of a venture tonight. I've found a house that has been cursed and is haunted by poultergeists, and I'm going to clean it. I don't often pull out the whole pomp and circumstance ritual, but I thought that tonight would be a good night to do so. Now even in this case, I'm still not worried with many of the ingredients of a normal ritual, so fill in what you'd like if you need them.

This part of the night will be done outside, and will have to attract as little attention as possible, so I am going to use as little bodily motion as I can.

Before I can banish anything in this house, I need to take the curse off of it.

Purified Quartz-Hematite Wand (This tool is used to draw the circle around you. Hands or any version of this type of tool will work as long as the intent is there.)


This can be done during the day or at night as long as you are in close proximity to the location.

Start by making your circle, and gathering your focus within it.

Charge your circle with the intent of removing imbalance and bad karma. This will help work as a shield in case the cure has any defenses. Curse can be a living entity, and this should be taken cautiously.

Invoke whatever protection that you have however you do that. For me, I have five stones that are connected to higher powers, so I invoke them and my guardians for protection. I don't usually rely on the power of gods or goddesses, but that's me personally.

The rest of this ritual will be done astrally, but does not require astral projection. It requires the basic ability to use energy.

Feel out the cursed location until you can be sure that you've found its center, but do not leave your circle.

Once you find the seed or the number of them, use energy with the intention to neutralize it. This will destroy the seed by placing positive energy in its place.

Repeat that step until you have found all of the seeds that way.

When you're done add positive energy to the location to help it maintain it's new atmosphere.

Close the circle when you are finished. If you are doing any other spells, the circle can stay open, but be sure to cleanse it before moving to the next ritual. To do this, charge the circle with cleaning energy. That should do the trick.