The Psycho behind the Pomp/os.

This will be my last post for a short while. I think I’ve left enough to chew over for now and its time for me to go back to seclusion to evaluate and integrate my progress so far.

My earliest teachers never seemed to want to share what their enlightenment was. Instead of providing answers they gave me more questions, more confusion and more riddles to sort out. They never wanted to be seen and they never wanted to lead. They wanted to leave me to my own devices only serving as a continual reminder to always look within myself. Being young and arrogant I dismissed them as fools and missed the beauty of their wisdom, I thought I was seeking truth not more confusion.

You see the people who genuinely want to help us, the powers that seek to come to our aid are hindered due to our laziness in how we seek. We want ready made truths that will fill the slots in what we think we know. We want affirmation to know the conclusions we’ve drawn are in some way real and valid. More over we want to be seen and accepted for what we think we are.

I’ve spent the last number of posts trying to give a broader understanding of the extent of the ego, trying to give you back its proper use as a toolbox for the imagination to become real. This article will be doing none of that.

The ancients used their religions as playthings. They knew an element was lacking in their life, such as love or knowledge, and they made offerings to the relevant deity to bring forth what was lacking. It wasn’t divine knowledge or power they were seeking, they wanted to fill what was lacking in their own being. They knew that by acknowledging it (admission) then seeking it actively it would become apparent once more.

I’m sure there were a few misguided followers who mistook their gods and goddesses for real beings, but the sheer abundance of gods and traditions instituted and accepted along with the value placed on the priesthood and god-men leads me to believe the ancient mind regarded Magick, Science and Religion as personal and transpersonal psychology. It was the ultimate effect upon man they were interested the gods and effects played a secondary part.

Long gone are the days of hermits secluded in caves and followers stopping to listen to what another man thinks of man let alone of god. Our fixed views have caused stagnation right across the board in all of our arts. We think we know, we think we’re learning more but in fact we know nothing and spend our lives convincing ourselves of “facts”, backing up each others illusions.

We are the old gods that drank poison, doomed to witness perfection descending to hell. We are eternity afraid of demise, infinity in touch with itself one form at a time. Because of this we must seek to identify within first and realise our true nature there. It is only by doing this can the outward manifestation become real, the only part that can see itself – “for reals”– within everything else.

It is well within our current capability and resources to build world where all can be provided for. After all our current population could fix easily into a small portion of America, as large as our number seems we’re not that prevalent after all, we’re out numbered by a saucepan full of bacteria alone!

What is deficient in us as a race, unilaterally, is our attachment to everything we think and not our actual selves. We fear another country taking us over, we fear loosing our way of life, when what we really fear is the break down of outward circumstances that give us the illusion of being real. Ask yourself is this real power? Power limited by your credit card, power limited by what others think of you, power limited by your surrounding numbers, as good as they feel they are neither true nor sustainable. Worse still it will never allow the free sharing of our combined resources.

I’m not here to build up a new theology; I’m here to destroy the other ones. I want to give people the chance to see outside of their imaginary cages and to once more urge mankind to decide not because it’s what I say but because they’ve discovered for themselves.

A vision of Heaven is as terrible and destructive as a vision of Hell. Both are traps and illusions. Our light and dark sides play the same tricks and use the same tools, you may believe in one or the other, in some cases you may even think you believe in neither – in any case you’ve given over another part of yourself.

It is only by getting past all of these forms, to defy angels as readily as demons, only by under standing and utilising the darkness and the light that you can obtain complete control. You are a complete being, the source and end of them both, you are a will that should transcend and control them both as aspects of your self.

To be truly empty is to be truly full. Take experiences as cases being presented for your judgement and do not give into the persuasive tactics of either party represented. They are fighting to make you think their way is real; ultimately you are the one who must decide the winner in their war. You are the impartial entity observing, the infinite in a seemingly limited place.

For the moment goodbye