Voodoo - a real African religion Voodoo - a real African religion
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Thread: Voodoo - a real African religion

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    angeress Guest

    Default Voodoo - a real African religion

    A Brief History Of Voodoo

    So much has been stated about Voodoo, and it has usually been of the bad variety. I have seen many who do voodoo rituals, and the success rate is really superb.
    Voodoo was a form of African religion which was terribly suppressed by slave-masters and colonisers, and during the terrible history of Africa this was something positive to introduce the world to.
    The main religion of Haiti, ever since its independance was not Christian but Voodoo, and there was a rumour that Papa 'Doc' Duvalier used to kill his rivals with voodoo ghosts. He himself was a monster because he supressed the Haitians.

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    Most "Docs" bleed into Hoodoo territory, which is an almost exclusively a folk magick system in the deep south of USA. Neat stuff.

    Voodoo, or Vodou, is awesome. It is said in Haiti that they are 90% Catholic and 110% Voudou. They even have secret societies that work with the government to remove troublesome individuals from society. They actually do this by turning them into a zombie slave. Pretty crazy.

    The Vodou pantheon is wonderful. Really friendly group of gods even the scary ones. You honestly feel like a family with them even if they are giving you a hard time. I've had Legba scold me like for not calling on him enough for things and he really felt like a Grandfather. Baron Samedi is creepy and really a forceful guy, but still something about him is embracing and loving. Great guys!

    Met a lot of really nice priests down in New Orleans a while back as well. If you are down that way look them up!
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    angeress Guest


    New Orleans is the epicentre of US Voodoo, but not all the practioners are nice people, some are downright evil. I will create a thread about this.
    Voodoo in itself is the most effective magick there is, some of the rituals are a real dark grey ritual, and I have heard that some of the love magick involved in Voodoo is the most effective and also it is very hard to break.

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