The vile muders of Muti The vile muders of Muti
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Thread: The vile muders of Muti

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    angeress Guest

    Default The vile muders of Muti

    What is witchcraft?: Brains Removed In Muti Murders

    Now here is something completely sinister to come out of Africa, and these are the Muti murders. The villians are not occultists but sadists, and too many innocents have suffered from the crimes.
    As many would realise this fact, Africa has always had a troubled history and this is one situation which unfortunately does carry on. The hotspots for these crimes in general is South Africa, and the victims are usually children.
    Please do not paint all of Voodoo like this, for those Muti criminals have just bastardized some of the beliefs.
    As for the above link, it would be useful to read an opposing view sometimes,

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    angeress Guest


    Sangomas, Muti and the Tokoloshi - So Close

    Here is another link about this crime, and it has really been a widespread thing in South Africa. A very nasty taste is left in my mouth, and what is needed to tackle this is a good education to tell folks that these people do not work at all.
    Many of the Muti priests are also the XXXXXXXX'x responsible for the aiding and abetting of rapes on minors, because some dimwit would believe that doing this would get the disease out of their system. Terrible.
    Why Voodooists are painted alongside with these criminals is the way many wiccans would be painted alongside a Chaos Magickian.

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