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Thread: Coyote Magic

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    Default Coyote Magic

    Is anyone else interested in this magic form? Being descended from Native Americans I feel a connection to them by learning more and maybe someday begin to practice it.

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    Odin Guest

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    I am always interested in new magick
    in the back of my yard i the woods hear the sounds of the coyotes howling which starts my dogs howling
    so the magick starts between them

    ca you get in touch of the elders that can help with the quest ?

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    isis Guest

    Default RE: Coyote Magic

    my name is isis i know how u fell i have seen a white wolf and i wanted to run with hem or her. i too am part Native American, with irsh, frinch, syearn. but it is my native american the shows the most even thought i have green eyes.

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    Lady Dunsany Guest

    Default RE: Coyote Magic

    I am Cherokee, Italian and Welch and Coyote is one of my totems. I think it would be a wonderful path to get into.

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    Lady Dunsany Guest

    Default RE: Coyote Magic

    LOL. You know this is true the worst are the drunkards in the fields or in my case my next door neighbors.

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    Odin Guest

    Default RE: Coyote Magic

    we have many different animals here just around the house coyote's, fox, hawks, eagles couple of miles up the road a sighting of bears and even a moose was seen

    we used to have drug addicts next store there noticeable noise that they make is ( what , what, )

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