This question is sparked by my curiosity in regards to the consistency of interactions of people on the astral plane.

Now i myself have always been interested in the "astral plane" since a young age, however as i am now matured and meticulous in my studies i realize it will be many years before i am ready to begin studying that topic as i would consider it "advanced"

Now, before i digress any further, for those of you whom astral project, what is your experience with the consistency of locations. IE: let us say you projected to a "green temple" one day, would it remain the same the next time you visited the location.

Im aware certain aspects of the astral plane fluctuate by its very design, however as i understand it there are also certain "static" elements. To that end, what are your experiences with these static elements.

The flip side of this question is what is your experience with interacting with other astral projectors, specifically from the earth plane, and have you had consistent results with them.

And last but certainly not least, what i am curious about the most, have you had astral "validation" for example, let us say i projected to "xyz" and had arranged to meet you in "xyz" on the astral plane, i physically know you an can validate the experience, have you had any experiences where you have relayed information that is not possible to guess or attain on the physical plane to thus validate the "astral experience" and if so please share these experiences (as much as possible without invading your privacy) as i would be very interested in hearing those tales.

Please do spare me any psychosomatic grandeur, if you are a person inclined to fabricate tales.

It also occurred to me as i was reading the post preview, that perhaps two competent projectors here could participate in an experiment to "validate" information provided by a third party, i don't suggest this or have made any of my remarks to dismiss the concept, certainly not indeed, im merely very thoughrough with my studies, perfectionisticly so, and think it would be a very interesting "forum" activity so to speak.

Cheers, look forward to your replies.