So here is a question that came into my mind.

I was raised originally in the way of celtic paganism and eventually branched into many areas of witchcraft and eventually into The Occult. Later on I became a Luciferian. However, I still know how to perform bardic magick and instant magick with just my own Will. If I think it needs more then I normally begin writing and drawing energy and connecting with what forces I need too and then Willing it into existence. I still do complex rituals with all the exoteric gloss in order to put my mind into that specific state, but what about doing this on the astral plane?

However, lately I've been thinking of performing magick on the astral plane. Sometimes I draw energy from the astral plane and use it in my spells and typically they are effective. However, I have never done any spells in the astral plane.

Which comes to the thought of if I am doing it in my ''dream haven/astral temple/sacred space'' ... would it still work? That is more like doing it in your own mind and doing the spell but does anyone have any experience or information to say about this? What about doing it in the astral plane? Has anyone ever worked magick there and had successful results? Is it possible?