I have been studying the astral for quite some time and on occasion have tried projection in practice. I have experienced all of the preceding steps: weightlessness, sinking feeling, hand pulling against head, the electric buzzing feeling, the piercing noise, etc, etc. But last night was different.

I had awoken from my sleep with a very heavy presence over my body, like a strong gravitational pull of sorts, especially in my legs. It was then that the thought of projection entered through my mind, and I tried shooting my legs up in the air. They disassociated. I then tried jumping and all of a sudden my body floated to my ceiling in a quick jolt.

From there everything became to be very hectic. I felt little control over my astral self, almost like I was flying a plane for the first time. I then sprung across my room and brought myself down to the floor. I walked over to my physical body and saw my head and reached my hand to touch it.

The only dilemma was that my astral hand did not go through my physical hand, nor could I walk through my wall. I tried exiting through my ceiling at this point but my vision became very cloudy almost black and I warped back into my physical body. It all seemed to have happened very, very quick, almost too quick.

Was this projection or simply just a dream about projecting?