I'm not sure how I am able to do this but whenever I slip into a lucid dream and I realize that its a dream I remind myself to calmly think what would I like to bring forth. I wanted a few things like improving my charisma and increasing my creativity. Now unfortunately I have this problem from what I've read I was supposed to be able to summon anything I can think of so I tried once to create a psi-ball in my dream to firstly hone my skill and secondly to test my abilities. I couldn't do it strangely, I was concious of the dream and I was doing normally what I would do if i were to create a psi-ball (draw from solar plexus through the arms to my hands and shaping it in the form of a golden spinning ball). I tried a few more times but I was unsuccessful.


Also I had a dream in a lucid dream. Is that normal or am I missing something in that as well?