my personal magickal exspirence shared my personal magickal exspirence shared
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Thread: my personal magickal exspirence shared

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    Default my personal magickal exspirence shared

    hello people,iam not the best at spelling so please for give personal exspirience with the occult has been a roller coster ride without rideing the coster yet iam still inline with my ticket after 15 years but iam closer than ever to gitting a seat.i was dabbling in the occult at 15 years old so at 15 the rauch in most humans i would say has not come fully into play or developed my soul was tryin to compute things that it was not ready to comprehend with i was being drawn to this imformation and taking it in, it was like a psycological thriller,not being able to peace togather bits and peace's of imformation and put it into a practical state of mind and ect.the reason why i wrote this is because even though magick is a personal thing i think we could learn a lot from each others exspirience by cross exaimining our magickal could most definetly help the begining student of magick who needs a glimps of what he is seeking even though his exspirience may be some what start i hear lots of people talk about the basic ritual the LBRP,wich is design to set your visualization,movement,drama,voice,and combine them into one energy source to the end wich u wish to practicing the kabalistic cross ritual combined with the LBRP after months and months of practice or u my be a natural,will or should give u a sort of a spiritual high it should wake you up like a cup of coffe and it will also clear your mind,and that is do becuase in my opinion the ritual is design to steal or steer it away from its mundane state and is quite capable of putting u into a light gnosis or trance.i hear many times people say when i do my ritual like the LBRP i dont feel anything,well it is my opinion to say the reson why people dont feel the energies is because there exspecting something instead of just letting it come with an open wrap this up u can look at the LBRP like sigil magick movement,voice,visualization,drama,invocation of god names,archangels,to speak to the subconscious through what is called ritual wich like sigil magick is taking the back door also to achieve your goal,good luck!!!!!
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    The LBRP most people do is wrong. God names are all wrong for the elemental correspondences. Study study study. Practice, practice, practice. That's what builds experience. Study I think is the key though. Examine your craft and it's lineage. Figure out where it came from so you can figure out what is worth listening to and what is nothing more than culture specific nonsense.

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