Magical Rite of the Eucharist and Spell of the 4 Elements and Spirit Magical Rite of the Eucharist and Spell of the 4 Elements and Spirit
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Thread: Magical Rite of the Eucharist and Spell of the 4 Elements and Spirit

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    Post Magical Rite of the Eucharist and Spell of the 4 Elements and Spirit

    Magical Rite of the Eucharist and Spell of the 4 Elements and Spirit

    I have defined new arcane definitions of the elements, and provide numerous reasons for why Fire should be East and Air South. The links provide a rapid full Kabalistic invocation through the Rite of the Flaming Sword. This work is a complete and universal spell procedure for any need.

    Here the elemental/kabalistic spell/rite of the Eucharist:
    Thelemic-Hermetic Magical Rite of the Eucharist

    Make sure you banish after you are done and keep the pentagrams facing upwards or very bad things will happen.

    Information About the Magical Rite of the Eucharist

    Kerubim are constitutions of elementals while the Malakim rule over them. In elemental rituals Kerubim should always be invoked with the pure elementals so that you have both unified pure energies and constitutions of various different pure elemental energies. Of course the Malakim are invoked so that you can command the elementals as one of the Malakim.

    The magical rite of the Eucharist brings together all 4 elements along with constitutions of 4 elements and those that rule over them so that new spirits can be formed from the 4 pure elements and that old spirits can return to the 4 pure elements all under the command of the Malakim with the magician acting as one of them himself/herself. This both cleanses the universe of old spirits by allowing them to retire to their pure state and allows the revitalization of the universe by pulling together new spirits from their pure state. These spirits become contained in the pentacle while they remain under the command of the wand. Thus the magical rite of the Eucharist provides the charge of one’s magical implements which is entirely necessary to cast powerful spells with 1 command made while holding the wand and the pentacle.
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