wolf protection ritual!! wolf protection ritual!!
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Thread: wolf protection ritual!!

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    isis Guest

    Default wolf protection ritual!!

    Our country is rich with Native American heritage that many of us have been unable to tap. This ritual was sent to me by bream Wolfdancer and works well by yourself, or within a group or coven enviroment, or just for your family.

    supplies: fire pit, old grill, or cauldron; the means to make a fire; sage.

    Instructions: make the fire. light. say:

    On this night, from the forest and field,
    den and dark, i call you, great wolf!

    Clap your hands or beat a drum in rhythm like a heartbeat as you say:

    Mother, mother, nursing your pups,
    Watch over me and mine.

    Father,father, protecting your family,
    Watch over me and mine.

    Come O sisters and brothers of the clan!
    Come dance in the firelight!
    Feast on the bounty of the hunt!
    Sing with us in the bark!
    And hunt within our dreams.
    Owoooooooooooo! Owooooooooooooo!

    Brun the sage and spread the smoke over each friend or family member. Pick up the dry earth and sprinkle over the flames, saying:

    We are one!

    Visualize an alpha pair playing with their pups. Say:

    My clan is safe. Many thanks, brother wolf.

    Leave an offering for Father Sky and Mother Earth.

    hope this will help someone... and that you all like it.

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    Lady Dunsany Guest


    I love this ritual. We can all use different forms and practices in our life. It makes us well rounded.

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    isis Guest


    thank you i have more and i will post them soon

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    I appreciate this alot.

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    isis Guest


    your welcome Lokia_Zos

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