Take a deep breath. Hamsa, but only the ham, the sa comes later.

Hold it, puff out your cheeks with it. You should look like a squrriel but with air instead of nuts. Don't let it out.

Now dive into your mojo, the ether, tune your mind to magick mode, alpha waves. Once you are submerged and holding your breath, realize that it isn't air in your mouth but your energy/will.

So whatever you wish to shoot into the ether (think of air bubbles in water) be it the usual boring human things such as money, love, power, sitcoms, or something a bit more interesting, just fill your mouth up with it.

Keep holding your breath. Keep charging the breath. It's your will you are holding in, incubating, keeping it from the great waters of the etheric universe so that it may be strong upon its release.

You feel it? Do you feel your physical body gasping hopelessly for air? The more your body cries out for it the stronger your focus needs to be, one mind, only your will is at your attention.

Now, if you are really good at this, you will pass out, which will absolutely garuntee sucess in your greedy little operation. If not, hold it till you can't any longer and then


Let it go, feel it rush out completly! Don't hold on to any of it. It feels so good to breathe again doesn't it? Fresh air, back above the etheric waters. Breathe deeply, you already forgot what it was you exhaled down there. Go buy a drink from 7-11 now and ground yourself. Maybe a slim jim for the road.

Note Air and Water. Think about that, but after you do it or all the time if you are simply an armchair mage.