Knowing Before Doing, A Quick Reference Guide of the Site For Dealing With Problems Knowing Before Doing, A Quick Reference Guide of the Site For Dealing With Problems
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Thread: Knowing Before Doing, A Quick Reference Guide of the Site For Dealing With Problems

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    Default Knowing Before Doing, A Quick Reference Guide of the Site For Dealing With Problems

    I always think that the first of anything should have a weird a mysterious title, but really what I'm doing here, is posting a few links from the site that I believe may help people who are in trouble. Then when I get more time, I'll write what I know of banishing and asking for help from guides and the such. But yeah onto the site linking, which I always liked. I think that this thread could make a good reference for this type of thing. I'll post some nice outside sources if and when I find them as well. I'll put the descriptions on top of the links.

    This thread is a great thread in learning to work with energies which will be a very important part when you dealing with things astral.

    This thread is about starting a dream diary, More happens in sleep than you may think, and deciphering your dreams may be the key to finding your problems.
    Dream Journal

    This thread contains posts that describe astral combat and the various examples that people give.

    I'll post more as I find them, and of course add my own stuff to the mix. Hope this helps.

    This type of occultism is my specialty, and so I'll offer my help to anyone who needs it. I've become fairly good with projection and distance working, so feel free to let me know if you need me.
    "'THE WAY I SEE IT,' said Crowley, 'no one has to pull the trigger.' He gave Aziraphale a bright and brittle grin." -Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett

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    ZeldaFitz Guest


    I never knew this thread existed.

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    crowley666 Guest


    lol your the best or danm close to it.the quistion is whos smarter than rezenic?

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    ZeldaFitz Guest


    who me? ......

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    crowley666 Guest


    you are quit the firecracker, hoockshot boomerang braindrain to the rescue.

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    ZeldaFitz Guest


    thank you, now this little firecracker is off to have lunch. catch you later.

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    crowley666 Guest


    yep have a good one.

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    crowley666 Guest


    lol. She'sout to lunch it's okay, atleast she was niow I am. wait thats a lie still just drinking coffee. ahh i see coffe helps us play with time.
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    crowley666 Guest


    I understand, I need to slow down and read this.

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    QueenBeeBeeMarie Guest


    a lot of these links no longer work.Or at least they didn't when I tried them

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