The other day I was in the company of some friends. Suddenly I had a warm feeling in my chest and a strong urge to close my eyes. I did then suddenly I felt a wide range of emotions. Then I began to see a side view of my head against a black backround slowly my head grew darker and darker until my face had gone completely black with a purple outline. Then it was almost like i was being communicated with by a Female although there were not words i could feel a presence and a sudden understanding of my life and what it had become. I had many realizations about my life and what had to change. Then I saw many faces with many emotions move across a black backround just scrolling across what i could see. Then after all of the communication was over i saw a view of a single open eye(i am assuming my third eye) when suddenly a great ball of light like emerged from the eye and the darkness around opened up and the white ball departed and when the darkness closed around the ball of light i had felt the presence gone and i opened my eyes. Does any body have an explanation on what this could have possibly been or why it happened?