Thanks in advance for reading this. Usually I don't seek help beyond myself for issues I deem "internal", but this honestly has me baffled. I have rarely, if ever, had such strongly archetypal figures in my dreams before, let alone one who states a previously unknown name so clearly. I've recently been delving further into various magick teachings to help deepen my own understanding, which is the only reason I'm entertaining the possibility of this being more than just subconscious overflow. The fact this may mean something deeper brings me to share it here, with the possibility that someone here might have more insight.

Unfortunately my memory of the beginning of the dream is somewhat vague, just a couple of scenes centering on a young boy and his father in an ancient, rural setting. The colors were richly detailed, almost technicolor, and I found myself watching the colors more than the scenes at first. It was highly stylized as well, like the people weren't really "people" but more like characters you find in a brilliantly-colored modern 3D video game. The "character" and his father kind of reminded me, for lack of a better analogy, of fantasy-setting dwarves--short in stature, but stalwart.

The dream then shifted to a bright, almost serene forest setting. I watched this character, now an adult, laying in wait for several dragons heading his way. An unseen voice-over brought me up to speed about the situation. I don't remember what it said, exactly, but it was talking about how this character I was watching grew up, and how he reacted after his father's death, staying in the shadows and killing the dragons that had killed his father. But to my dismay (I distinctly remember being worried for him at this point) instead of staying in the shadows he stepped directly in front of them and wielded a kind of axe/sword-like thing. The dragons all stopped, surprised, then rounded on him. For a second, everything slowed down and focused directly on him. The man then stated quite clearly these exact words, and the only words I can remember from the dream, "Know this from the beginning: my name is Godric."

He then attacked the dragons, knowing full well he wouldn't succeed, but still managed to fell at least two of them before getting lost in the fray. In true cinematic style the "camera" panned up to the sky, focusing on a helmet he had worn in the battle as it was tossed upwards. Then it was like I went back in time as it were, the helmet transforming into Godric as a child being tossed up in the air and caught by his father. They were both very happy, but as I woke up I was near tears, knowing the fact I witnessed that "happy" scene meant Godric had died.

Why did this character feel the need to give me his name, when no other figment I've dreamed up ever did this? I don't know of any Godric, real or fictional. I'm not familiar with Old English (I assume it's Old English) culture, and while I respect the culture I perceive these archetypes to be founded in, I don't have nor do I feel any connection to it.

I did, in fact, lose my father last year. It's one reason I'm tempted to chalk this up to imagination. But it didn't feel like the character was ME in any way. There's literally nothing in the dream to indicate it was "just my subconscious" working things out.

This leaves me with so many questions. Why "Godric" of all names? Why is it I can only remember those words when the visual aspect was stunningly clear? And if it really is someone/something trying to contact me, why did it die in my dream? Was this just the product of an imagination in overdrive, or is there something I should be investigating?