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Thread: Spell For Harmony

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    Belphebe Guest

    Default Spell For Harmony

    From Rose Ariadne

    If you feel tension in your household,
    among people that all care about
    eachother... or even if you just want
    to feel CLOSER to everyone you love,
    this spell can bring peace and happiness
    between everyone you love.

    ...and it works very quickly if you
    follow these steps:

    STEP 1: Take a small hair clipping from
    every member of your family and/or
    circle of friends. Make sure you
    tell them that you'll be using their
    hair for a special project that will
    bring peace and happiness into their

    STEP 2: Go outside and "look" for
    a special leaf... it doesn't matter
    what kind it is... you'll know it
    when you see it. I recommend you
    select a fallen leaf...

    STEP 3: Combine all of the hair clippings,
    and roll them into the leaf.

    When you are rolling the leaf, make
    sure you are rolling it TOWARDS you,
    with the hair in the middle.

    STEP 4: Fasten the leaf closed by
    tying a piece of your own hair around

    STEP 5: Bury it under your favorite
    tree, close to your home.

    ... now, sit back, relax, and feel
    the peace and happiness waft into
    your life, and the lives of everyone

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    ZeldaFitz Guest


    It is a good one.

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