I have been recently having dreams in the early hours of the morning with ghosts in them.

Last night I had a dream around 3 am which awoke me - where I saw a jungle / bush setting which had three ghosts partly hidden in the bushes walking about admidst the plants. They were not doing anything except standing there or walking about.
I knew they were ghosts, as I could see the plants of the jungle through their bodies. I felt a small fear of them, as I knew they were from the underworld. That small fear was enough to make me role over and wake up and look at the bedside clock.

The night before, I had another similar dream - but the ghosts were in a cave or cavern underground - again just standing nearby. When I see them the thought goes through my head - these are ghosts from the underworld wanting to contact me. The first time I had this dream a week or so ago, I was told in the dream they were sent to me from Satan as they had a message from him.
This is at least the 4th dream I have had in the last week or so, of this nature.

I am never attacked by them, nor harmed. They are always just walking about, like the walking dead, yet never say anything to me.

Early last week - before the dreams started - I was up at about 2 am making something to eat as I could not sleep and was watching late TV show on 'fate and destiny'.
As I looked towards the back door of the kitchen, I saw a wispy-white smoky fog enter the doorway, about 6 feet high and as big as a person. It had no real form, but looked more like white smoke, or fog. It had no smell - though if I get any smell it is of cigarette smoke. I felt a presence in the kitchen, and looked up on the internet to find it most likely was a "messenger ghost". Since that experience around a week or more ago, I have had these ghostly dreams.

If these visitations are what's known as "messenger ghosts", what is their message ? I do not know, as I am not told anything even in the dreams.

Can anyone offer some constructive comments on this thanks.