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Thread: Introduction...

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    Default Introduction...

    As far as introductions go, my answers should satiate such interests.

    However to capitulate just a little bit...

    I have involved myself in Occult interests since my formative years, however what drew me to those ends started much earlier in my childhood.

    I was never raised in any conventual religion and my inspired attraction to the Occult was due to a curiosity in towards the exploration of life and what comprised of the experience of life in it's totality.

    I claim no authority in these matters and hold no initiatory designations, although I was a member of a LHP organization in years past and had been bestowed with a title at that time.

    I am not conventionally religious/spiritual, however do recognize the fact that there are and have been instances and experiences in my life which go and have gone beyond the norm. These experiences have been exceptionally 'deep' at times, but I am reluctant to share said experiences.

    I accept the reality of the magical process as personally verifiable.

    I do not bend to the religiosity of the multitudinous popular and accepted conventual occult or group dogmas which is in my opinion the current atmosphere of the magical, organizational/occult communities seems to engender.

    I enjoy exploring various paradigms, concepts, and philosophies.

    Some might deem me an Atheist as I do not consider myself Theistic, however I would prefer to shy away from such labels as ultimately I find them limiting.

    In many ways I consider Modern Satanism my fulcrum point, however I do not limit my imaginative ends to any one "system". I prefer to indulge my mind in multiple LHP ideas as this brings me an intellectual pleasure.

    I like to write as the muse so inspires me when I have the impulse and time, but have been driven to other artistic ends in my younger years when adult responsibilities were less pertinent.

    I am more often than not, blunt and to the point...however I can be sometimes quite 'long in thought'.

    I do have a habit of being a little rough around the edges, but I earnestly in my heart seek to aim towards the Neitzsche ideal of inner nobility.

    I tend toward being a bit philosophically Nihilistic.

    In the end I feel in my heart of hearts that "idealism is ALWAYS crushed under the weight of realism" - if I may make a self quote. I aim for that which is ultimately 'good' in life and the world at large, but am an admitted misanthrope.

    Lastly, I am prone to long posts and the occassional rant.

    Hail Satan!

    To fine wines, life and indulgence!

    Most Sincerely Yours,

    Mr. Tatterscratch

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    angeress Guest


    What a great intro and unique too, a nice change from 'I am new'.

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