Hi everyone

My name is Jackie. Im a 28 yr old male from England and as you can probably tell, I am a newcomer to this site.

I have been reading into the occult, white magic, paganism etc for several years now. Following some personal issues a few years ago, I came across books on psychic powers, magic prayers etc from Finbarr. What I want to do is to speak to fellow readers of such books and people who practise this. Just so I can get a better understanding of things (Im still a novice and want to improve).

Im mainly interested in learning how to develop my psychic ability and white magic. In all honesty, I prefer learning more on white magic cos in the past, I have had some success with it. It hasnt made me a millionaire, but it has given me short amounts of money when I need it and helped me get success in finding a job.

Im not too keen on using black magic or rituals, although I wont criticise those who do believe in it. Those who do, more power to you. Im simply interested in Psychic Development and learning White Magic in chant form.

I hope to speak to you guys soon, wherever you may be in the world. Thanks