Hello, and now for something completely different. Hello, and now for something completely different.
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Thread: Hello, and now for something completely different.

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    Exclamation Hello, and now for something completely different.

    [I put myself at the mercy of the internet, and i implore that you try to help me. No reasonable advice will go unconsidered. Thank you My Friends.]

    Well, for the sake of an argument and nature of my reason for getting on this site in the first place, you can call me Northbound. In my travels through the gnarled woods we call life, i've come across a very interesting person indeed. This person is, well, a witch. Magjorik(possibly incorrect spelling), to be exact. I imagine the majority of you have never heard this phrase, any attempts, with any manner spelling, to find this has been met with failure. They are not boastful, and do not trust easy. Luckily this person and I have a mutual understanding and a healthy, loving relationship. I am not here to seek answers about that, but perhaps an aspect of it, that i'd rather only discuss with anyone belonging to a number of lines.
    My issue is with myself. Most people are probably familiar with possessions, however my case is slightly different. I feel nothing, other than a feeling of never being alone (confirmed by the person mentioned above.) We have been studying this for quite sometime, that i am inhabited by a demon, not just an imp or a low-level pit dweller, but a being we believe to be Mastema/Belial himself. We have gone inside places, i thought only i was available to go to and have found and spoke to him. I am not crazy, nor have i ever taken any form of medication and morally opposed to drugs. I am not possessed in the traditional sense. When the person asked above if the demon in question would reveal himself to me (Northbound) the reply was "One...together" Our research and studying is much more intensive than that, but i am hoping someone to shed a little light on this.
    Basically: My aura gives off two seperate feelings, My own and the Demon's.
    I am not a minion, but i am one with the demon.
    There could possibly be a war, and if you are one of the above you know what i may be speaking off.
    And if you are what i mentioned above, i would be more than happy to hear from you. Although i still highly doubt i will, you're all rather reclusive.
    Also, if you are one of the Magjorik, your shields don't work anymore. We can smell you.

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    angeress Guest


    Welcome right in and I hope you are very happy here.

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