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Thread: Whats up?

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    Default Whats up?

    I started on an occult path at an early age with a few books on voodoo and amulets, moved to vampirism, energy work. Then realized I had a knack for empathy, sensitivity to spirits, and communicating with spirits so I began with necromancy which, almost as it started screamed to a halt because I joined the Marines. Now I find myself with quite some down time, so I've turned back to one of the few things I truly enjoy.

    To sum it all up, I would consider myself a beginner with little background because I'm not sure what to gauge it to. I would like to learn more about Necromancy and hone my skills, I would like to learn more about ritual magic, evocation, invocation, high magic, black magic, and the left hand path in general (if any of these terms are even correct).

    A mentor-ship would be great if at all possible, I can bring what i know to the table. If anyone has any questions about the military I can answer them to the best of my knowledge via PM.

    oh, and hi.

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    Welcome to Occult Forums.

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