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    Hello, Occult Forums members. I am here to create positive, constructive discource with undiscovered individuals and to well...connect. I'm not affiliated with any order, sect, cult, church, temple, organization, etc. I am not really anything but me, at this point. I don't want to label myself, ever. I am interested in LHP, left hand path. But I suppose my primary goal, if I have one, is to travel to other worlds, other countries, other places, other dimensions, other universes or just other parts of the super universe. I hope to achieve this goal by way of um...magic or magick, whatever the preferred spelling is these days. I think there may be other worlds out there, where one can travel. I just want to be a traveller. I'd like to escape this world. It's rather fitting that I just finished watching Kino's Journey, which by the way I absolutely loved. I am into anime and I suppose if there is any label that could be applied to me, otaku would be it. I am not heterosexual, homosexual or asexual. I just am, and I'm comfortable with just being me. I love music, some bands I like are :Wumpscut:, Skinny Puppy, KMFDM, etc. If reincarnation (aka. metempsychosis) is true, and whether it is or not I have no opinion, but if it is true, then obviously I want to step off the cycle of rebirth (samsara?). Hopefully someday I'll find love. Anyway, I'll stop short of getting long winded. I'll finish up by saying that I'm not an atheist, but of the three (atheism, agnosticism, and theism, which is an oversimplification) I definately understand atheism the most and would support that most as I don't believe in a singular, creator God/god. If I did believe in a God though, it would not be a male deity, it would be an androgynous deity.

    Edit: Oh by the way, I'm reading a book right now called 'Dream and Reality' by Nicolas Berdyaev. He was a very sweet, kind and compassionate man. I'm sad I was never able to meet him.
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