Hi all, registered so I could post here,
I belong to another forum which is more spiritually focused, although the qaballah and occultism is discussed and several paths are represented.
I am more of an occultist although I am spiritual, currently a solitary witch and ceremonial magician,
who celebrates ritual and circle with a coven found in my area, but they are more eclectic wiccan.
I usually work with my own or elemental energy, the few deities/archetypes I work with have been hecate, brighid, Justice, Danu, St. Michael, Auriel and my dreamworker.
Since I enjoy celtic and sumerian paths along with magical creation, ascension and energy work and having the sight, I suppose I'm eclectic but more universal of a "pagan" witch,
and enjoy all the sciences such as medicine, herbology, mycology and quantum/astral physics.
I come to learn but dare say I'm advanced as well, looking forwards to meeting others who can perhaps teach me as well as share my learnings.