Hello all. I am known as The Doktah and throughout my life I've had experiences with the supernatural, for lack of a better word. I've been contacted by Angels and Pilgrims, I have died and been reborn at the hands and teeth of the Laughing Beast, I have received visions of the past, present, and future, and have been possessed by a lower level malevolent spirit. Recently, the stars called to me and my purpose, to gather the hidden knowledge of the worlds and to heal the people with it, was revealed to me. I suppose my biggest issue with this is that so far, I have been unable to find a source or teacher to guide me. I know there are things out there, and I wish to communicate with them, as some of you have. I hope I may find someone to point me in the right direction here, and to discuss the more finer details of the metaphysical. Hopefully I fit right in.

Please, share with me your ideas. I thirst for new avenues of thinking; it's like water for my soul. May the sky smile upon y'all.