I am new here.

Mainly, I am interested in AP LD and such. I have been trying to have OBE for quite a long time (for 2 years nearly every day) . I have tried various methods, but I have never had an OBE. Thats why I decided to try to find tools for AP. such as binaural beats or hallucinogens, like salvia. The former did not work, the latter I have no experience with.

Despite my inexperience in AP, I am quite good at Lucid Dreaming (I have 2-3 per week). However, I must admit that I am unable to stay in the dream longer than 15-20 secs no matter what technique I use to prevent awakening. In fact the only reason I developed Lucid dreaming is to convert it to an OBE. However, whenever I try a method to achieve this the dream ends and I find myself in my bed awake.