hello, i am extremely new to all this, i was searching in the google search engine for a summoning for my djinn ring i have, i have lost it so long ago,but i wear the ring all the time, and i have always been drawn to the occult,and anyway the answer to my question kept bringing me to thei site and i coulld never find a answer but it kept bringing me back and now it said i cannot look anymore without registaring, so here i am...i am registared, and looking for a "summoning" or whatever they call it...i have her name , my djinn but that is all i have, i lost the calling her out to talk to her...so if anyone has any ideas or answers this would help me out soooo much, i would love to acitvate my djinn, i mean i talk to her sometimes using her name but i am sure you are supposed to have a summoning as you call her out with her name.