Hi All.
All I can say is I'M BAACCCKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol well, almost. I have some short semi-unspecified time of penance left (if you dont know what i mean, well, if you belong here--ya do or ya will eventually) ... IN ANY CASE .. I am looking for "rebirth/renewal" spells, plz keep it simple kids cause i am not looking for major comitment. I am not one to ask with out offering a reward. SO I have one (good) youth (yes i said it, and yes, i CAN prove it) spell up for offer.
So, what ya got kids? Papa L. and I are gonna be dancing on the 26th of this month and I need some new steps. pm me yours and i will pm you mine-- dillution soaks, lets keep it btw casting adlts
Beauz gonna be freez,