Greetings from the darkside. Greetings from the darkside.
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Thread: Greetings from the darkside.

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    Default Greetings from the darkside.

    Hi All,

    I'll keep this quick as I'm going to be posting a few articles tonight.

    My background is varied. I was raised in a Wiccan household and exposed to Magick from a young age. I moved on to Ceremonial Magick some years later. I spent about a year and a half in Syria living in a Jesuit monastery studying the initiatory practices of Ignatius of Loyola. During my time there I found myself drifting off the traditional path.

    It seemed to me that the Jesuits themselves didn’t understand that Ignatius’s revelation was basically heretical from the view point of the church and that he was more of a Magi than a Christian. He slipped it under the radar in a Christian Guise, but the purposes of his teaching were to invoke the Christ spirit into man, so we could experience instead of speculate.

    I left the Monastery and came home to Ireland a different person. I no longer believed in God in a traditional sense, around this time I came to embrace Chaos Magick. Now I would describe myself as an Atheist Chaote, instead of using traditional mythos to obtain enlightenment I now use whatever comes to hand. For initiation to work it must work with the elements that resound with us, the very blocks we’ve used to create ourselves must be used to destroy ourselves so what we are can be revealed. It cannot be based on the assumption of anything, it must be sought and revealed for what it is.

    Peeling away the layers of conditioning and filters in time will reveal a common source of life within all of us. Naming it in any form is a limitation of the limitless, a sign that understanding is not yet complete. Worship and supplication feed foreign ideas who in turn grow into the moulds of gods. A wise practitioner makes servants of these self created gods, the uninitiated are ruled by them remotely.

    It is this train of thought I try to follow in my work now, my hope is that it will be of use to someone else who’s walking a similar path to mine just as I’ve found great solace and light in the words of unknown strangers.

    I look forward to talking with you all.

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    isis Guest


    hello and dark blessings to you also welcome

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    Lady Dunsany Guest


    Hello and Welcome.

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    Odin Guest


    hello and welcome to the forum

    looking forward to reading your posts

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