Hello Everyone,

I go by the name of Thoth-Amon, or Thoth for short. For those that are avid readers, or just enjoy a good Robert E. Howard Conan novel, then you will immediately know where I got my name. To me it means a few things, some personal, and some not so personal, but to suffice it to say I am a practicing magician for near two decades and a worshiper of Set. "Worshipper," in my case, meaning that I am working on raising my serpent/kundalini. It's a public magickal name, and not my magickal name.

I've been involved in a few magickal organizations over the years - which will remain nameless for now - that have specialized with entity contact and/or Astral Travelling. I have been a member of this site for quite some time, but haven't as of yet, until today, anyway, introduced myself. It is my intent to upload my books onto this site for everyone's (everyone that is interested, that is) perusal some time in the near future. I also plan to sell them as well, but since I am a member of this site, I will offer them free to everyone here - but shhh, don't tell anyone you all will have free access. It will be my way of thanking the creators of this site for graciously allowing me to become a member.

I look forward to getting to know many of you with similar interests, so don't hesitate to contact me if your wish is to begin a dialogue concerning conjuration, astral travelling, and/or the raising of the serpent, or anything magickal. There are a few other areas that I specialize in, but these are the big 3.

One more thing: You wont offend me, so if you side with the side of "evil," or "good," or if you believe in God, or don't, then know that it's fine with me. Those are just terms to me, nothing more.

To the owner/s of this site: Thank you, for you are doing all of us a great service by bringing into existence occultforums.net.

In the end, I hope I can bring something worthy - if only to a few - to the occultforums proverbial table.

My best to everyone in all magickal endeavors,