altough i am an wizard and not a witch,meditation is an important part of my ritual prior to casting spells

this one works best for me
you will feel filled with energy and vibration of your soul will center,if you are religious,you can preform a prayer too instead of meditation,any prayer from heart is good altough in latin or arabic(for muslims) is more effective

-sit in most comfortable position that suites you
-lower your head
-close your eyes
-try to look up with your head down and eyes still closed
-now stay that way until you clear your mind(do not force,it will come)

when your mind is empty follow next steps with still your head down,eyes centered up while closed

-imagine yourself in an elevator
-now imagine elevator going down

an elevator will go down and when you feel that elevator should stop it will stop,dont expect it to stop,your mind will know when it will stop,you just have your head down and your eyes closed

-when elevator stops,imagine it opens a door,imagine room
-walk into the room
-imagine white milky air in the room
-now breath that white milky air trough your nose until you can
-now hold that air inside your self and imagine it going into every pore of your body,fingers,arms legs,your organs your head,your whole body,now breath out that air trough your mouth,breath it all out

-please notice it is in different colour now,it's maybe grey or black,you will see it which colour it is,now breath white air again and hold it and breath out dirty one out,do this until you see breathing out white air

when you see white air breathing out,slowly lift your head and open your eyes

now you are prepared for spell casting

preform this every day and you will learn alot and find your path easier

may luck and health follow you