This is a good technique to break the black barrier which is a result of closed eyes. It is based on the contraction and expansion of consciousness. I call it mental breathing. The first effect after practicing this method; one will begin too see through the eyelids when closed. Colors may also manifest as this indicates auric consciousness. The third eye will be stimulated enormously.

A good grounding technique is advisable before and after the practice; like the microcosmic orbit; just stand with your back straight next to your meditation locus; feeling like a pillar. Close your eyes and start circulating energy from the top of your head to your feet. Then make a closed loop as the energy goes out of your feet upwards, looping back in the top of you head. Repeat 7*n times. This will not only ground the astral energies, but also the mental ones. There is no need to visualize everything going in the ground because it will transform the energies instead of banishing them.


1: Lie down and take 7 deep breaths to feel relaxed (fill every part of the lungs). If you can grasp the meaning of the number seven, then Luck will manifest. Luck is a result of automatic reaction.

2: Focus on your self lying where your physical body is lying; usually a bed. Also focus on the black screen after you've closed the eyes; thus also on your self; not forgetting where you are; in your room or the place where you feel safe and isolated. count to 7*n. The velocity of your counting is not important; only you reaching a multiple of seven or seven itself; not too hasty though as this is (usually) a result of your desire; not your will.

3: Focus a single point on the black screen and realize that this screen is elastic in nature. Probe into infinity; try to penetrate this "band of thin rubber" as you are focusing more intensely. This will consume energy because it is like training a muscle. Use the 7*n basis for timing. (Crowley --> Hadit)

4: Now shift your focus on the boundary of the ellipse which is the edge of the black screen. Try to grasp the circumference with your whole attention and try to expand the black field. Stretch it in all the directions as you're expanding your consciousness (Crowley --> Nuit). use the 7*n basis for timing.

5: Go to step 3 and then to step 4. Repeat 7*n times with step 3 and 4 as a unit.

6: Do the microcosmic orbit in the lying position as this will link your consciousness with the grounding technique outside the system; which you performed; thus making it effective because of the magical link (Crowley)

7: Breath 7*n times and get up. Stand next to your bed or wherever you were lying on and see yourself there seconds or minutes ago. See yourself while you were performing the exercise in an abstract sense (not too detailed). Use your hands; place them just above your head from the past (while you were doing the exercise). Move them up and down as you are "wobbing" the black screen; like assisting yourself in the past while you were contracting and expanding. This is a crucial step. Do is 7*n times.

Remember that n is not a constant....the numbers 3, 5, 7 and 12 may be specified....use arithmetic in your counting techniques because counting is very important; as you are forming polygons in this way which will aid you in forming the framework of your window into another dimension.