mixing shamanism with necromancy mixing shamanism with necromancy
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Thread: mixing shamanism with necromancy

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    Default mixing shamanism with necromancy

    Up until now my main focus has been in shamanic vision quests, of which I have had many in the past two years especially and do not use drugs. However lately my interest in necromancy has been peaking, and I was wondering if anyone here has mixed the two arts and if there is any additional information I may need to consider in order to do this properly. This has also stemmed out of a distaste I have for white light new age neo shamanic practices, but also from many shamanic trance states which have involved death. I definitely don't want to rush into this in a sloppy way.

    I was also wondering more specifically how to fuse these paradigms. How should my spirit guide be considered in the necromantic perspective? Certainly he is not the spirit of a dead person, that I am almost sure of. However he does appear as a skeleton, often similar to the benevolent day of the dead variety. Would this fall into the catagory of a specrte as spoken of in little detail in the ars falcis?

    Also if I am mixing some things up here I would be glad to have somebody clarify for me.

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    There wouldn't be much of a fusing needed. I am tied to a full reservation born native woman. They do use necromancy extensively much like voudo. Much of what she told me is secretive, but it is a large part of the culture.
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    this is what I figured but I am just having a little trouble finding good information about this, just following the spirits. the neoshamanic community is so full of new age types, they don't seem to dig on necromancy aside from the popular mediumship type thing, which I am not really interested in. perhaps i'll be able to figure it out anyway.

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