This is a recent development while doing research on Tohu Va Vohu. In the early winter of 2009, just a few months ago, we were traveling across the country, and had just hit the planes of Utah. We had just finished crossing the steep paths of Colorado and still had over a thousand miles to our Journey. I pulled out my pocket notebook and began experimenting with alternations of relaxed, expanding, and constricting tones, trying to pinpoint the expressions of the American alphabet, which for the purpose, was as good as any other (although clearly other alphabets merit similar research). The objective?

Discover which tones literally constricted, which tones literally expanded, and which tones were essentially neutral. In certain belief systems concerning the tree of life, a triple polarity exists with two of the Sephira opposing each other in the form of constriction and expansion.

In terms of spacetime & gravity, or non-luminiferous aether everything that exists materially can be expressed as a sequence of bubbles in a fluid medium. The bubbles are more accurately whirls twisting back on themselves, but this is just elementary school for most of you so I will move on to the meat of the matter. Within the Sepher Yetzirah exist outlines of the formation of the universe and most would assume the outline for the construction of the golem. More importantly than simply creating a Golem is the idea of meaning behind specific letters of Hebrew, not merely as they are written in two dimensions, but their harmonic forms as seen in three dimensions. Hans Jenny and others worked in the young field of cymatics, and some of you may be familiar with his work.
Cymatics on Youtube

I also become quite fascinated by the idea of recursive feedback, and the unique pitches of Inuit and Siberian throat singing - similar to the Tibetan chanting techniques. As to the meaning of the hebrew letters, such as grace and kingship, etc., each letter has a specific sound. If we already have a map of the sounds in terms of triple polarity, we can compare them for their meanings. Some of you may be familiar with the Shin - Mem duality, and the Alef relationship with Balance and judgment. Following up the basic principles of blessing, cursing, positive, negative, the various doubles, expansion and constriction, and more elaborately, the principles of recursive life patterns as found in fractals,

It seems then, we are at a crossroads, between the present cataloging of tones and implications, with awareness of the generative and mutative properties of harmonics, and the fruit of our labors. If anyone is interested in pursuing this line of research, just let me know.