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Thread: explainable

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    Default explainable

    vision after vision
    time after time
    things are getting worse
    by a minute NOW to a second
    i have only chance to make things right
    with those who i have savored
    and bonded with
    this is my destiny
    time has the capture towards things that see and hear
    but not of what we dream
    dreams are a vision of truth or format of secrets that are share through
    our high self or our guides
    our guides has a way showeing things and giving things to us
    with out of even noticing them
    we as people have an extraordinary gift
    to foreseek
    not to abuse
    out of of this world there is
    an a answer through reality or spiritual
    nightmares after nightmares
    dreams after dreams
    time has a place to set further the TRUTH
    desperation has come about and we cant take such
    pain at once but then gradually(missed spelled)
    take the pain and see what we have to do
    to keep the peace
    of what we are sent to do
    i am a believer and a healer
    but its hard to declare this effective emotion that has come over
    this is an explainable
    i write as i feel and see and even hear
    but i am a that keeps dreaming and keep wondering
    we as a people have tried to seek and have not got answers
    but eventually the time will end to the point that we will see
    red,black, white, blue, green, pink
    colors of the rainbow i am a that has come
    forward to share a little message that is meant to shared
    but i am not done i will bring forward the hidden truth from with me (chanel)
    chanel is an spirit thats has a lot of impact on my life but has
    a lot to say and show for it
    the message and the warmth will come soon.
    to be continued....
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