Any ideas for more spells? I did one and it was so powerful.

Here's a freebie. I incorporated hoodoo and such:

POWERFUL energy spell. Empowers the spirit.

crack egg as offering over soil /plant
keep the shell
put white salt in the shell
put an amulet: fish amulet into the shell
fill it rest with salt
seal the egg with tape etc.
wrap in white cloth
add a silver coin in white cloth
put it in a wooden box
high on a shelf
for three days
don't forget one black rock
for unconscious protection
on the fourth day say something like:

"I, _____grow in power at every hour.
I, ______ now am called _____spiritual name____
I am now in spiritual favor
No matter how tall your tower
The Good little ones will come to great power!
Protection to the spirits of kindness and liberation!
Rejoice and join my celebration."

Or however you'd like to make your affirmation
The spell will work though to do the following:

Increase psychic power and strength
heal wounds, repair damage
bring love to you
and throw the darkness off guard
has uncrossing elements
is meant to be safe
repair communication to spirit world