So I've been thinking about this particular aspect of magick (though I guess I'm speaking more of sorcery here, about manifesting desires on the physical plane) - about how long it takes for your desire to manifest - particularly with sigils.

I understand that this may differ from person to person and from sigil to sigil, but in general, it seems - at least to me, that sigils take more time than more 'direct' approaches such as visualization based rituals or planetary talismans. I say 'direct' here because the intent of the sigil is kept hidden from your conscious mind and once it's been loaded to your subconscious mind, it's your mind's job to 'unravel' the intent of the sigil and get the job done. Whereas when you consider something like visualization, you're creating the desire in the astral right there, at the time of the visualization. The other difficulty with sigils here is that as more time passes, you're less sure whether to attribute a particular event to the success of a sigil or a coincidence.

Another question is to consider - something which I think I've never seen discussed in books or forums or articles - is what you can do to 'speed up' your magick. Ideas?

I'm posting this in the general Occult forum because I don't want the discussion to be limited to sigils.