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Thread: Interesting Video

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    AlchemicEnchanter Guest

    Default Interesting Video

    Check out this video: There are a lot of fluffy and crap videos out there, but I fully support what this woman has to say. Let me know what you think, I back this one hundred percent.

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    Iza Guest


    She's full of it. I hate videos like this especially at you tube.

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    Drunk Guest


    I did enjoy her presentation and her obvious love for her craft, however, it did lean heavy on the 'wiccan' side of things for my taste, (goddess and god, harm none, etc.) but to each's own. She did seem well-versed in her own tradition however, which is rare enough anymore.

    As for spell crafting, personally I allow my intuition to be my guide. There are times when I craft a working that may take days to complete, other times, raw emotion takes over and the working is instantly thought and sent out. It just depends. I think our own spirits, familiars and hearts are the best guide to any magical working.

    As with anything in life, magic and spiritual transformation is so personal, intimate and individualistic, that one size doesn't fit all and not any one system should claim to have all the answers. In my opinion, both life and magic are way too complex and glorious for that. Thanks for sharing.

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    AlchemicEnchanter Guest


    Yea. I agree with what you say about 'Wiccans' because yes, there are too many of them, and I think there are only a select few I would actually consider magicians, her being one of them. I just thought it was nice to hear someone simply say that the books are only suggestions, and that it depends on your correspondences, not a books. For that reason, I've been working on my own book of correspondences, from strictly what I think, and so far it's working wonderful. I've found that using these correspondences instead of something from a book have provided me with a much higher success rate than before.

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