visions and such visions and such
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Thread: visions and such

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    alyssa Guest

    Question visions and such

    Hi, I've received a notice that I haven't been participating much, to be honest I just was a little apprehensive in regards to asking questions which might sound a little silly for most. I know it's pathetic as this is the reason why I joined the forum in the first place.
    I'll describe what happened to me the other week:
    I've been trying to fall asleep with no avail, yet my mind kept seeing images I've never seen before: a blue area with dragon-like creatures roaming in fluid motions which was quickly switched by columns with extremely intricate imagery more of this world just many centuries ago and then I saw a woman, appearing suddenly in front of me, her skin made of brown soil, he hair green and fuzzy.
    I gave up trying to sleep and just stayed up reading.
    It doesn't happen to me and I never get visions which I haven't invoked or invited before. I wasn't lucid dreaming or astral projecting(at least it didn't feel like that), it was not a meditation... I'm not sure, but I was left somewhat confused after this experience. It also felt like the area between my eyes was tearing itself apart and then I got a bad headache on the left side of my brain(it's been happening a lot lately).
    I can entertain that it might've been my 3rd eye chakra but I doubt it, I am weary about working with chakras as due to my own personal approach I will need a lot of patience and time to get there.
    Anyone have ideas or suggestions on what it could've been?
    I'll give you my background info: My grandmother always told me to start with paganism since it explains the basics, once I got through that I began researching various paths and so far I've been focusing on hermetics and ceremonial. It's been years and the more I research the more I feel how little knowledge I still have.
    Thank you so much for reading this and all your advice in advance.
    Last edited by alyssa; 11-25-2011 at 03:22 AM. Reason: wrote this in a hurry and had to edit a million times to make it coherent

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    alyssa Guest


    It wasn't really an email, it was just an announcement on the forum when I logged in, it's ok. The headaches were coming and going most of my life, doctors just attributed it to nerves. The thing is that I didn't try to open the 3rd eye at all. Mostly I was just trying to fall asleep and something refused to let me.

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    alyssa Guest


    Thank you so much for that. I wish I knew the reason why it even happened, guess I need to look into it more, since the astral world is something I made a decision to enter only when I will be ready.
    By the way, I did visit the Esoteric forum and as much as the information was useful, it really isn't for me, lhp is more what calls to me and has been for a while, I just started with the basics years ago so I can get where I was meant to be without being thrown off too easily.(if that makes sense even)

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    alyssa Guest


    I sense a little attitude. Let me assure you that I wasn't being ignorant regarding any forum, I am not a role-player and I am sincere in my studies, always been solitary and never assumed anything about others. I know LHP is a title, just like "New Age" seems to be and I've seen both of them being thrown around several times for silly reasons on both forums. I could say I am a theosophist at the moment, the reason why I choose not to get into details on my chosen path is because I still prefer to combine them. I've studied with elementals and dragon magic, I've followed an Eastern Faith. Mostly I do nothing but read and practice, without assuming anything and respecting others for their knowledge. Especially you Ms.Peel, I've seen the advice you've given to others on many occasions and I have the utmost respect for you. Maybe I've asked a stupid question, maybe I worded it wrong or just maybe I got confused in my own path and hoped someone could throw me a clue, which you did and I am very thankful.
    Really I am a solitary practitioner and it has been working out well for me, but recently I really wished to connect with others on similar paths, while I encountered many people off and online I've found this forum to be informative and pretty objective in regards to many topics.
    Once again, if I gave you an impression of a hopeless newbie role-playing and wasting people's time, then I am sorry because it's the last thing I am. And if I misread your reply I also apologize for being too sensitive.

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    Branwen Guest


    I don't think Mrs. Peel meant anything wrong. What you need to know is this is a big role playing site, as I understand it for every 100 members only one is an occultist. It is true with all the owner's sites. Mrs. Peel is here as a favor to help a friend, but her forums allow no role players. I think she meant that Esoteric Magick is run by true occultists and they are serious about what they teach at the school, and the forum. I don't think she was insinuating you were a role player, she was letting you know about this forum.

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    alyssa Guest


    I really do understand it and I have nothing but respect for true occultists. I've seen the role-players in action and encountered a few myself and there is nothing more frustrating than that. I should've worded myself better.
    Esoteric Magick and this very forum are doing amazing things for people who genuinely seek knowledge and I am one of those people. Thank you so much once again for understanding me and giving me a chance.

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    Astral Eye Guest

    Cool ha ha ha ha :D

    Quote Originally Posted by Mrs. Peel View Post
    no attitude, only an attitude when i have not had my chocolate. my goal is to help others who are struggling on their journey. it is why i created the EM forum as a teaching forum and the school to help guide others to find the right path for them.
    HA HA HA HA! I know just how you fell Mrs Peel (look a rhyme!). Agreed about RPG players. While I do play such games I remember a fundimental rule. They are games! I can be Lord High King Marfron of the elves, turn people into moss and throw lightning bolts, but I know when I step away from the game, I'm still me. Oh and another group we sometimes get is the "magick doesn't exist" who come here, post that we are idiots to believe in magick, then ends up with a sticky thread full off angry/annoyed/exhasperated replies.

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    alyssa Guest


    Yeah, I've seen that "magic doesn't exist" post...and the ones where they ask how you can make a deal with the devil. lol
    Ms.Peel, I actually did join your forum and am very happy there are people like you who are willing to take the time to teach those of us who have trouble finding our way, I honestly didn't mean to be dismissive or play stupid games. I've experienced them on the other side of the fence where in different occult groups where I either get patronized from the moment I introduce myself or they go out of their way to make sure I feel inferior to them on every level.
    This is why I chose this forum, the people here seem like wonderful individuals with whom one can discuss or ask anything.
    So yes, to summarize it all: I've been on studying and practicing various thoughts/paths and I've found a lot and yet I am still so hopelessly lost, I do not claim to be any grand wizard or any other type of idiot. I know so many people dabble in the idea of the occult for a while and waste other people's time, I have no wish to do that either.
    I appreciate your replies and love this forum.

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    Astral Eye Guest


    Or the "holy than though" one who creates an acount name along the lines of "Jesus is saviour", puts a pic of christ as their avatar and posts:

    "You are all going to hell"

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    alyssa Guest


    Those guys are pretty funny though, I love the ones who claim to have been "heavy" into Satanism(not mentioning which particular path of it though) and claiming they went too far and are now "possessed" or someone from their group is trying to put out a "demon hit" on them.
    People have way too much time to mess around, you'd think they'd be able to invest it into something worthwhile.
    By the way if anyone seen that website and has been watching Dexter, doesn't the guy on the website remind you of the "Doomsday Killer", it's pretty disturbing. if any religious spree killings happen we'll know who would be on the suspect list :-D

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