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Thread: Sylvia Browne

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    Default Sylvia Browne

    I wasnt sure if this should go in the standard off topic section based on who the topic is about or should it stay where I am posting it now... depending on the personal view of the moderator it could go either way.

    Anyway, What are peoples opinion on this woman? I don't mean as a general view you might have of all tv psychics, but this one in particular.

    I knew bugger all about her until Montel started being shown over here (Aus) on pay tv. After doing some research and looking on youtube I had learnt that she had been on that show for about a decade... I think she lasted that long.

    Did she start out great? Did she gradually get worse? Do people not care she was getting MANY things wrong? How did the publishers continue accepting her work with all that was going on? After telling a family their child was dead on tv then being proven it was not the case by the child coming back by police finding the kidnapper..... How did she manage to keep her job on the show?

    Kind of obvious what my opinions are, but I also haven't seen her history or followed what she's done over the years.... Maybe someone here has and can fill in some blanks, or just share their own ideas.....

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    Lady Dunsany Guest


    Sylvia Browne one of my favorite people. There is a whole website devoted to what a crook she is. There are rumours her assistant writes her books, and the fact that she charges 700.00 a pop for a reading worries me especially when she has been quoted as saying mediums should not charge. She has been wrong too many times to mention. I would say she has been 25% accurate and 75% wrong. She told one woman her son was dead and buried somewhere, the woman had a break down and her son turns up a few years later. He had run away. I could go on and on and on. Here is something I posted to one of our threads.
    I have followed Nostradamus predictions for lo these many years. I am incline to think he was spot on about some things but others like any psychics he was not. I was reading a book a friend gave me the other day by Sylvia Browne Prophecy. She predicted the President of 2008 would die of a heart attack and the vice President would be assassinated. I was just sent a blog where she also said she predicted that Obama would win. That was a given. What I am trying to say as a psychic I get the content right but I have a problem with the time frame. I hold some of his predictions true but a lot I have a problem with. Still I have a few books on him and use him as a learning curve.

    By 2020 we will be living in homes above the trees and riding in flying cars, there will be just a senate as in Greek times. I could continue but I will not. I however do agree with her on one thing I believe we chart our course before we are born. She was also arrested with one of her husbands for fraud, but that is irrelevant as you can be a crook and a good psychic. I think when she first started her intentions were good but now she has gone Hollywood and has not hit the nail on the head in a long time. I am moving this to off topic general as I do not consider her to be worthy of being in the occult.
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