Piece of Work

"He's just so cute" the people say
they don't know what they mis
I'll show them what they want to see
'cause ignorance is bliss
like stupid cows they smile at me
not seeing through me guise
my wicked soul I can't control
the violence in my eyes
I put on my best puppy face
charading as a saint
the sheepskin only itches me
and makes me what I ain't
dare I take off this mask for you
I don't think you'll be pleased
you want to do the proper thing
so get down on your knees
insanity and genius
like Dr. Hannibal
my rabies got the best of me
I'm such an animal
you'll need a muzzle and a leash
I just want everything
just try to tame me you will get
a rude awakening
serenity abandoned me
my conscience is deceased
you think I am a piece of work
but I'm a masterpiece