When will a blue name go yellow here? When will a blue name go yellow here?
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Thread: When will a blue name go yellow here?

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    angeress Guest

    Default When will a blue name go yellow here?

    I have noticed in this forum that the names do turn yellow for a reason. Is it after 200 posts or if you are adept in the Occult.
    Anyway I am myself more and more, and learning so much from everyone.

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    angeress Guest


    BTW, I love the new look of this forum and I find that having the Moon Phases on show is a very brilliant idea esp for an occultist like myself who is doing practical magick.
    Keep up the good work and enjoy and worship the Occult.

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    Anti Guest


    if you get 250 posts you get VIP accsess
    if you get 700 posts you get school membership

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    angeress Guest


    Thank you very much for that insight Anti, and may I say how wonderful it is that you have created so many forums of Occultic interest.
    Anyway I am not going to do 250 posts of rubbish but posts of quality.

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