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Thread: What do you think?

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    Talking What do you think?

    My sister bought one from this lady, and swears it is real and that she's learning to use it's extreme powers. I'm going over there this weekend to see for myself. I just wanted a few other opinions! Here's the link- Doll Purposely Cursed/Possessed By Familiar! For Witch! - eBay (item 220604807625 end time May-19-10 10:47:50 PDT)

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    Looks like someone wants to make a lot of money for a really crappy craft doll. It's not outside the realm of possibility but, without some documentation of this witch, proof of ownership, affidavits attesting to her powers from contemporary sources that have been notarized, and a signed and notarized contract that gives you the right to a full refund including any import taxes and shipping fees should the doll fail to perform as advertised.

    The point is I can crack a stick off a tree in the back yard and spend about fifteen minutes whittling it and another five rubbing stain and patina on it then turn around and swear it belonged to some nameless sorcerer from Hoggsbutt Scotland and that it has all kinds of amazing and miraculous abilities but, that don't necessarily make it so. The thing practically looks new. If it was in the possession of this old witch before she disappeared in the '60's and assuming that she made it just before she disappeared then it's at least forty years old if not more. The yarn hasn't faded, it's like it never saw sunlight ever, never saw dust. It's not a tiny bit natted or picked. It doesn't look like it's even been heavily handled, which would be odd for a doll housing a witches familiar.

    I'm not an expert in these things but, there are some things that just don't add up about that doll. I say if the seller can provide notarized documentation and sworn affidavits and proof of ownership then it might be a neat thing to have. If the seller is unwilling or unable to provide that then leave that cheap, tacky thing alone. It's probably just someone who wants that gaudy little monstrosity out of their house and knows that no one in their right mind would buy something like that based on it's looks and utility, or lack thereof, alone.

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